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    At KO, we are proud to be a brand that serves the needs of some of the most creative and talented athletes in the world - you who are traceurs and freerunners. Our shoes and apparel are designed to provide maximum comfort and range of motion - allowing you to train at your maximum potential. This is our story.

    KO was born during the filming of the Ultimate Parkour Challenge. Working with stars of the show like Pip Andersen, Tim “Livewire” Shieff, Ryan Doyle, Daniel Ilabaca, Ben Jenkin, King David, Michael Turner, Daniel Arroyo, and Oleg Vorslav, the founders of WFPF (David Thompson, Francis Lyons, and Victor Bevine) designed the Gen 1 Know Obstacles shoe, now known as the “KO Classic.” When the design was finished Francis and his wife Anne, provided start up capital and Know Obstacles was born.

    Over the next five years, working closely with athletes on aspects of design, Know Obstacles released its Gen 2 parkour shoes, along with dozens of other pieces of stylish yet functional apparel and accessories, such as caps, tees, sweatpants, and our ever-popular shoe paint.

    Fast forward to 2016 and the dawn of the release of the long awaited successors to the Gen 2 parkour shoe - the KO Drop, the Pre, and the Gen 3. These three new styles are all different and we are certain, at least one of them, will be the perfect shoe for whatever kind of movement you do.

    In addition to our desire to create the best gear that movement athletes can buy, we are also invested in pro-social initiatives. Teaming up with organizations like the Movement Creative, H2O for Life, and the Global Environment Technology Foundation, as well as gyms and athletes around the world, our iKnowObstacles initiatives develop programs that utilize parkour and movement to raise awareness about obstacles that face us a world community.